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A few words about us

Our activities focus on the digitization of processes and machines. In the implementation to industry 4.0 creative BITS helps companies to digitize their processes and to develop their existing machinery towards Smart Factory.

  • We offer - Quality, Reliability & Competence
  • Experience- since 1998 in business
  • Our goal - Satisfied and long-term customers and partners

Our services


We connect devices, machines and electronic components to the Internet and make them controllable via smartphone, tablet and PC.

Digital transformation

As existing business models are increasingly being replaced by digital or hybrid ones, we help companies stay competitive.

Industry 4.0 / IOT

With our help, you can seamlessly integrate your entire machine park into your overall digital strategy. Even old machines can be retrofitted.

Custom development

For innovative companies we develop web applications, controlling solutions, controls and tailor-made special software.

Consulting / Support

We accompany and advise you gladly with our experience of many years with the challenges, which software and hardware place at enterprises.

Funding management

Formulation of funding applications, coordination, reporting and accounting of funding projects at state, federal and EU level.

Lectures & Trainings

As experienced trend scouts we gladly pass on our knowledge in lectures and trainings. Tailored to your needs.

Privacy & Security

With certified experts, we advise you on the fundamental changes within the framework of the new GPDR and the DSG.

Leave digital marks

An excerpt of clients whom we were allowed to look after directly or as subcontractors...


Industry 4.0 / IoT

Hydropower plant control system

Cloud, big data, industry 4.0 and web applications have so far hardly been seen in automation technology, especially in hydropower plants. However, this industry is also undergoing the change of digitalization and now the trend of comprehensive Big Data Analyses and Web-based controls is gaining acceptance worldwide.

Plants will come into the cloud and big data analysis and web visualizations will create a new world in automation technology. With seamtec SCADA Cloud Automation System a system was created to operate and visualize systems via Smartphone, Tablet, PC using a browser. The web solution sets new standards in automation technology and connects the classic PLC control with the world of cloud, smartphones and BigData. This allows the advantages of both worlds to be optimally utilized.

It is precisely in this area that seamtec has become a worldwide pioneer with the help of creative BITS. After a long period of development, power plants with the most modern control systems are now in operation on several continents. Customers can conveniently control and monitor their power plants from a smartphone, tablet and remotely and carry out the most precise evaluations of the plants on highly secure channels. Seamtec is thus many years ahead of its competitors and has become the most modern supplier of hydroelectric power plant controls in the world.

Together with our partner and customer seamtec GmbH we succeeded in winning the Constantinus Award 2016 in the category "Industry 4.0 / Internet of Things". We would like to thank Peter Reiter and his staff and especially our team!

Winner Constantinus 2016
Ltr: Markus Roth, Florian Mihalits, Peter Reiter.


Industry 4.0 / IoT

Monitoring machine hall

A monitoring system was implemented for a company in the metal technology & manufacturing sector, which enables employees in a large tool hall to obtain information on the current status of each machine. In addition to the information on how long a production process has been running, other key figures of the machine are constantly monitored and evaluated. At the end of the process, manual intervention by the employees is necessary.

By displaying the monitoring data on several large screens in the hall, smooth production can be ensured even with few personnel. In addition, the monitoring system offers corresponding analyses for further optimization.

Since not all machines had the necessary sensors for recording the required data, we retrofitted the corresponding sensors and integrated them into the system (own control & software).

Digital marks...

  • Development of a web-based machine monitoring solution
  • Retrofitting of sensors for machines with missing sensors for utilization optimization
  • High cost savings due to fewer downtimes and prepared predictive maintenance


Industry 4.0 / IoT

Control of injection moulding machines

For a company which manufactures injection moulding machines for the industry, a new control system was created which now makes the machines one of the most modern in the world. The requirement was to simplify the complex processes involved in setting up and operating the machine in such a way that it could no longer be operated intuitively only by an expert, but also by semi-skilled personnel. The complex calculations and settings are carried out by the software.

In addition, the machines should be able to be operated remotely and via mobile devices such as a tablet or smartphone. The machines are also capable of providing information on their condition and thus enabling predictive maintenance. This leads to significantly reduced downtimes.

Digital marks...

  • Development of a user interface as usual for smartphones, without the need for training - Machine control also via tablets, smartphones and PCs
  • Development of a web-based control system for fast, independent control
  • Enormous cost savings through the combination of lower qualifications required, less employee retention through remote control and less downtime through prepared predictive maintenance



Therapy controlling for dental braces

The TheraMon microsensor monitors the wearing behavior of braces and stores the data until the customer next visits the dentist or dental technician. There, the 2mm chip built into the braces transmits the data to the stationary computer or directly to the cloud via an RFID reading station. In this way the wear behaviour and the treatment success can be measured exactly. Dentists and dental technicians all over the world already rely on this system.

Digital marks...

  • Development of a Windows based configuration, readout and evaluation software
  • Development of cross-platform readout software
  • Development of a cloud solution for evaluation & data storage via web application (PC, tablets, smartphones)


Funding support / Financing

Innovation Metal Technology

High cash grant for innovation projects.

Modifications to products or production are usually expensive. In the course of the support, it was evaluated for which subsidies the company is suitable. A plan was drawn up as to which subsidies are to be applied for in which order and how the optimum mix of cash subsidies, financing and third-party funds can be achieved. Thus a solution was found for the enterprise by which they were replaced for a complex change of the enterprise a large part of the internal personnel costs as well as the third costs by promotions.
Based on the experience of many years of creative BITS with local, national and European Union-wide promotions an optimal result could be obtained directly with the promotion places.

Digital marks...

  • Selection of suitable subsidies
  • Complete handling of the submission incl. obtaining information
  • Communication with the funding agencies
  • Ongoing support, interim report and final report with minimal effort for the company
  • Preparation of a long-term financing plan


Consulting / Support

Virtualization Data Center

Whoever wants to be successful in the future needs the ideal IT infrastructure today, because this is now the productivity factor No. 1 in most companies.
To be optimally equipped for the new challenges such as growing data volumes, changing processes, mobility, total networking, increased IT security, a virtualized data center was created, which handles the data differently depending on the requirements. In order to keep costs to a minimum, some parts were realized in the cloud, while certain data was implemented in specially secured rooms in-house. Appropriate security standards were created for the company, which nevertheless represent a user-friendly system for external and internal employees and reduced the internal maintenance effort to an absolute minimum.

Digital marks...

  • Analysis of the old system and the existing data
  • Creation of a data center architecture
  • Implementation of virtualized infrastructure and cloud solutions
  • Embedding of the new IT in a secure and low-maintenance environment
  • Integration of mobile phones, tablets (BYOD) - depending on security level
  • Creation of mobile workplaces
  • Appropriate protection against viruses and hacking attacks
  • "All-round worry-free" data backup package
  • Ongoing support


Custom development / Elektronics2Web

Fleet management & optimization

A system for tracking the delivery vehicles was implemented for a company that supplies its customers with consumables on a daily basis. Based on the collected data, a continuous optimization of the delivery routes and times takes place under consideration of constantly changing framework conditions.

Digital marks...

  • Development of a tracking software for vehicles (compatible with a large number of GPS trackers)
  • Development of a cloud-based analysis software for the optimization of delivery routes and times
  • Development of a web application for the visualization of delivery routes (historical & real-time) and fleet management (PC, tablets, smartphones)



Therapy Monitoring Orthopaedics

The therapeutic success of time-critical medical aid supplies is directly related to the patient's wearing discipline. For the treatment team, it is hardly possible up to now to measure a poor compliance and to find out the reasons for it in the case of a non-functioning treatment with medical aids. Orthotimer is an electronic wear time measurement system that completely documents the wear time of ambulant patients.

Digital marks...

  • Development of a Windows based configuration, readout and evaluation software
  • Development of cross-platform readout software
  • Development of a cloud solution for evaluation & data storage via web application (PC, tablets, mobile)


Custom development

Municipal software for personnel search and selection

Kommunos helps communities to find the right employees quickly and easily.

The problem: Creating tenders accurately and selecting the right employees as well as managing them legally is complex, time-consuming and time-consuming.

The solution: kommunos supports you in all necessary steps and activities including checklists and templates. GPDR compliant and legally compliant!

The result: You save time, have everything in view and document at the same time. Simple and professional.

Digital marks...

  • Development of a cloud-based web application for e-Recruiting & Applicant Management (PC, Tablets, Mobile)
  • Automatic scaling of the multi-client capable solution according to usage with regard to performance & costs
  • Stream-Analytics supported suggestion scheme


Custom development

Sales support software

maraCash is the sales support software that allows you to easily manage your structure and team partners.

The main goals of maraCa$h are: Automation of your ordering system, taking over complicated calculations such as step ups, commissions and discounts, coordination of your team partners as well as your suppliers, presentation of your offer to team partners and end customers (online shop & shop in shop), semi-automated billing with the help of recognized payment methods such as PayPal, transparency for all partners involved in the business process ...

Digital marks...

  • Development of a cloud-based web application with integrated shop system (PC, tablets, mobile)
  • Automated calculation of commissions based on customer-specific rules
  • Automated billing with partners in the network


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